Повик за трудови за вториот број на меѓународното научно списание "Journal of Liberty and International Affairs" | Правдико



Повик за трудови за вториот број на меѓународното научно списание “Journal of Liberty and International Affairs”

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Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to announce a call for papers for the second issue of Journal of Liberty and International Affairs, an electronic, triannual (3 issues per year), open-access and peer-reviewed journal devoted to the study of liberty and international affairs.

The primary intention of this journal is to offer academic and public debate on liberty and international affairs in all their aspects, taking into account the following topics: Individual liberty; Libertarianism; Classical / Neoclassical liberalism; Objectivism; Social liberalism; Coercion; Statism; Anarchism; Minarchism; Democracy; International relations and diplomacy; Public and private international law; Geopolitics; Nationalism; Multilateralism; Ideology; Religious fundamentalism; Security and terrorism; Propaganda; Social networks; Regional cooperation; European federalism; EU law and politics; European economic governance; European foreign and security policy; Competitive federalism; Comparative constitutional law; Human rights; Gender studies; Emerging powers (BRICS; Russia; China; India etc.); Transatlantic relations and other related topics, that contribute to the understanding of liberty and international affairs from different angles. It is important to emphasize, that this journal devotes special attention to Europe / EU as a crucial factor in the contemporary international affairs. Also, the journal editorial team encourages submissions that treat Balkan issues, especially the attitude of the Balkan countries towards the European integration, and their place within the new international context. Each issue will focus on one central topic to further promote the aforementioned function and to address the complex and delicate topics concerning the liberty and international affairs, with all their features.

Language: The journal editors do not insist on a particular variant of English language for the manuscripts, but the grammar must be at a publishable level upon receipt. If the manuscript is not written in the author’s mother tongue, the authors are encouraged to enlist the help of a native speaker, or a professional proofreader before submitting the manuscript. The authors can send their manuscripts for English editing to: http://www.proof-reading-service.com
Deadline: Please submit your manuscript before 10 August 2015 prepared according to the Author Guidelines and submitted via online submission form or online via Email (contact@e-jlia.com).

All authors before submitting a manuscript via online submission form have to be registered. The submission form will be accessible immediately after the registration and logging on with your username (Email) and password. Registrations are open and activated automatically. If you decide to sent your manuscript via Email, you should send it to contact@e-jlia.com, with ‘Article submission’ in the subject line. All submitted manuscripts are subject to a rigorous peer-review process, based on initial editorial screening and double-blind reviewing by a minimum of two reviewers.

For more general information on the journal, please visit: http://e-jlia.com/

You can find JLIA on: Facebook, Academia.edu and ISSUU

We are looking forward to receiving and reading your papers!

Kind regards,

JLIA editorial team


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